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Uyumsoft Separates 25% of Its Turnover to Software and R & D

Uyumsoft, the leader company of software, consultancy, i-Transformation and e-Government projects, has signed successful projects in Europe and the Turkic Republics for 20 years. Uyumsoft, who has over 500 projects of Corporate Business Systems (ERP, CRM, HRM, BI and others), were the pioneers of the Cloud Erp and mobile ERP industry. As the i-Transformation Architect of Turkey, it serves as the leader of the customer integrator over 6 thousand in e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Book, e-Ticket and applications. Uyumsoft, who make actual extensive projects in the private public sector, was positioned as the “talent center” required by the business world. The pride behind Uyumsoft being Turkey’s software lies in its ability to allocate substantial resources to software and R & D. Uyumsoft Information Systems and Technologies INC. devotes 25% of the turnover to software and R & D.

Uyumsoft targets 25% growth this year
Uyumsoft President Mehmet Önder who describes leading Cloud ERP and mobile ERP sector said: “We celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. We are serving to our clients at various scales by leading the sector with web ERP, cloud ERP and mobile ERP. Last year has been a successful year and we have grown by 25%. This year, we aim to grow at least 25%.”
In order to succeed abroad, opening an office is important.
Mehmet Önder, who stated that Uyumsoft made the first export to England, then said that other countries such as Azerbaijan, Ivory Coast, India, Bulgaria, and Albania came. Mehmet Önder said that in order to be successful abroad, opening an office or being a business partner is important, continued his speech as follows: “One of the reasons we are successful abroad is to open an office. When you open an office in a target market, you are confident that you are permanent in that market and you can better analyze the market by improving relationships. As a sector, we are in the information sector and we take advantage of all the advantages brought to us by technology and we support 7×24 in any point of the world from our offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Tokat and Baku. Especially in recent years, the software industry is coming to intensive work requests from the Middle East and the Turkic Republic. They want to buy our corporate software and know-how in different sectors. In response to this demand, we are moving our exports to 10% levels from 5% in the last 3 years. In this year, we will continue to increase our exports. We aim to be one of the brands of Turkey in the world as a domestic and national software company “Uyumsoft” in 2023, especially in neighboring countries, web based, multilingual software applications and consultancy”.
The sectors that the firm provides software and services:
• Corporate Business Systems (ERP, CRM, HRM, BI etc)
• e-Conversion Applications (e-Invoice, e-Book, e-Archive, e-Ticket etc.)
• e-Government Projects
• Education (Integration Academy)

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