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Sabanci University Is Attending R & D Collaboration Summit &Fair With Their Two R & D Centers

Sabancı University, ranked first in the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index ranked according to the performances of the universities announced by TUBITAK in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation performance , taking part in the R & D Collaboration Summit& Fair that will be held between 3-5 May 2017 at Istanbul Pullman Congress and Exhibition Center with the participation of different R & D centers within them. Let’s get to know Sabancı University and 2 R & D centers that will take part in the fair:
Composite Technologies Excellence Center (KTMM)
Composite Technology Excellence Center established by Kordsa Global and Sabancı University with an investment of 100 million TL and being the first in Turkey with an industry-university-public cooperation model; is active in the field of high-tech composite materials, creating a transformation in many sectors, from aviation to automotive. In this center, Sabancı University lecturers and students and Kordsa Global production engineers work together in the R & D and production processes of the composite, which is also called as the technology of the future.

Kordsa Global and Sabancı University; aim to become Turkey’s new high-tech base with the strength of production and research together. The Center operates as one of the world’s number of test centers and one of the few composite manufacturers in Europe.
The Center of Excellence of Composite Technologies where 15.000 m2 closed area and 3.350 m2 laboratory infrastructures are located; from basic research in Turkey to production of prototype parts and intermediate products, it offers a wide range of expertise. The center aims to add more value to Turkey with high value added composite materials that will provide the opportunity for all the industries it serves. In the Composite Technology Excellence Center, which has the most equipped laboratory and production facilities in the field of composite in Turkey; post graduate education, basic research, applied research, product development, incubation services, intermediate product production, prototype part production and commercialization activities are carried out in the field of composite materials technology. Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers, faculty members, incubators, researchers, production engineers and technicians work together under one roof.
PRESENTATION- Nanotechnology Research and Application Center of Sabancı University
PRESENTATION that aims to create nanotechnological solutions that create value for our stakeholders in the areas of advanced materials, environment, health, energy, defense, aviation, food, human-focused, safe research and application fields determined by academic and industrial stakeholders and our country’s priorities; works in the areas of Micro-Nano Dimension Design and Production Technologies; Nanobio Systems and Health Applications; Energy, Environment and Water Systems Applications; Food and Agricultural Applications of Nanotechnology; in the fields of Transportation, Aviation, Defense Applications of Nanotechnology.
PRESENTATION was established with the investment of Ministry of Development and Sabanci Foundation with an investment of approximately 60 Million TL.In PRESENTATION, there are 850 sqm clean room, multidisciplinary laboratories spread over a total area of 1,500 sqm and 2400 sqm office and common usage area in an original and pioneer designed central building of 7400 sqm. There are possibilities to conduct interdisciplinary research in the fields of advanced new materials, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, nanoelectronics, nanooptics, micro-nano-fluids, micro-nano-electromechanical systems and renewable energy systems.
In the interdisciplinary laboratories that form PRESENTATION, there are electron microscopes capable of imaging and analyzing at atomic dimensions, devices capable of analyzing the genes of different cells in a rapid manner, and systems capable of forming metal or semiconducting layers at a few atomic masses.
The presentation’s research facilities are open to the use of researchers from all academic institutions, the public sector and the private sector. It is a unique example for multidisciplinary studies with the Sabancı University “Creating and Developing Together” strategy and its non-departmental structure. The competencies of PRESENTATION combine with the research capabilities and advanced technology infrastructure of faculty members of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of Sabancı University, create a synergy and enable practical research.
PRESENTATION gives priority to human-focused,&safe research and application areas in materials, environment, health, energy, defense, food fields with academic and industrial stakeholders. PRESENTATION creates thematic and pre-competition collaborations with industrial R & D centers, universities and other research institutions in the high technology areas determined according to the priorities of our country. While developing global value-added, need-based original technologies and products in these cooperations, it is aimed to educate future technological pioneers and to create leading technology companies especially in the sectors of related fields.
Companies wishing to cooperate with PRESENTATION, a pioneering research and application center that creates effective interface between university and industry, can visit website.
Sabancı University, which is developing R & D Strategies in the fields of Nanotechnology Investigations and Composite Materials, which are two fields supported by TUBITAK 1000 support program, is ready to cooperate with companies that want to make a difference with new technologies to be developed in these fields. Companies / institutions that want to cooperate; can contact with Sabancı University Research and Postgraduate Policy Directorate – – working on the planning, development and management of research projects, the development of research efforts based on long-term cooperation with companies, innovation, technology transfer and intellectual asset management. Companies interested in cooperation opportunities can visit the booth A100-A101 during the fair and receive information from the relevant experts.

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