One-on-One Talks

The projects show off and they are finding their places in a one-on-one meeting focused on cooperation!

Each R&D Project will be able to present their projects and evaluate their investment opportunities with the One-on-One Software application, which will be able to meet with the participants in the One-on-One meeting within certain time zones.

Submit your R&D/Innovative Project!


One-on-One Meetings Hours (ENG)

Wednesday, May 3th – 02:00pm – 05:00pm – Cahit Arf Interview Platform

Thursday, May 4th – 10:00am-05:00pm – Cahit Arf Interview Platform

Friday, May 5th – 10:00am-02:00pm – Cahit Arf Interview Platform


View the 2017 One-on-One Meetings Participants!


For more information on participating in the One-on Meetings, Please contact Humeyra Gursoy at +90 (212) 2726106 or [email protected]