Uluslararası AR-GE İşbirlikleri Zirvesi ve Fuarı

Nazalı, Turkey’s registered consulting brand, took its place at the R&D Cooperation Summit

Nazalı is also taking place as a consultant among the cooperating organizations to participate in the International R & D Cooperation Summit and Fair. The R&D Collaboration Summit and Fair will take place in Istanbul Pullman Congress and Exhibition Center between 3-5 May 2017 within the scope of the 10th Development Plan, which sets out Turkey’s integrated development goals.
Nazalı, which offer various services to their customers and clients in relation to Completion and Tax Inspection, Social Security and Labor Law, Customs and Foreign Trade Services, General Legal Services, Corporate Restructuring, R & D and Grant Project Services, Financial Incentives and Consulting Services, Accounting and Bordering, Abuse Risk Management and Internal Systems , Services for Financial Disputes, Consultancy and Custom Reports, have the understanding of providing effective and high quality services and continuously developing it with sworn financial advisors, certified public accountants, lawyers and engineers working in the field.
Nazalı, who has set out with the motto of “Together, Grows with Information”, has adopted the principle of service for continuous research and inquiry, and is progressing towards being a brand sought in the sector with its increasing number of outstanding clients.
Areas of Activity:
• R & D Center Establishment
• R & D Incentives
• Trainings (R & D, Patent and Intellectual Property, Licensing, Basic Corporate Management, etc.)
• Innovation and Intellectual Property Management
• Tübitak Incentives
• KOSGEB R & D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program
• Technology Transfer Services
• Technology Development Zone
• Project Writing Services
• R & D Financial Reporting Services

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