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First Oncological R&D Center Onko Kocsel, which can be produced with Gmp Lesson in Turkey

The Onko Koçsel R & D Center, approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and Onko Koçsel, the first oncological R & D Center capable of producing with GMP license in Turkey, took his place at the International R&D Collaboration Summit and Fair will be held between 3-5 May 2017 at Istanbul Pullman Congress and Exhibition Center.
Onko Koçsel will bring together industry stakeholders from the manufacturing industry in line with the objectives of the company, and will aim to establish collaborations with buyers and sector representatives in the domestic and overseas target markets.
Onko Koçsel, founded in 1987 with 100 percent domestic capital and preserving this identity as much as the day-to-day, continues to work with the mission of bringing non-existent medicines to the country.
Onko Koçsel General Manager Tuğba Koç stated that they are proud of signing the biggest investment of Turkey in oncology medicines sector. “High quality and production standards not only aim to meet the needs of our country but also proudly wave the flag of our country in the global oncological medicines market, our production power, based on scientific research and technological experience, has a crucial pre-requisite to translating the contribution into our economy.
Onko Koçsel R&D Center
The Onko Koçsel R & D Center, approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2015, is the first oncological R & D center capable of producing with GMP license in Turkey. With Analytical Development Laboratory, Formulation Development Laboratory, Pilot Production and Stability fields , Onko Koçsel AR-GE Center are equipped with approximately 200 machines, equipments and equipments with advanced technology. Onko Koçsel, which has an R & D pilot production laboratory area designed according to production flow very different from similar ones, has the largest and most equipped AR-GE center in oncology of Turkish pharmaceutical sector. At Onko Koçsel R & D center, patent screening and evaluation studies, active substance evaluation, analysis and approval studies, formulation and analytical method development studies, laboratory and pilot scale productions, process and analytical method validations, product improvement studies, new product stability studies, The preparation of license files in CTD format is carried out with the understanding of QbD (Quality by Design).
Onko Koçsel’s Production Facilities and Technical Infrastructure
Onko Koçsel has set its goal at the beginning of the project in terms of production facilities and technical infrastructures as the basis of operation, high-tech knowledge and advanced technology, building-area design, material-equipment-equipment quality and human resources. As a company that makes production in Turkey, among the 14 production facilities of the world, it is seen as a necessity to be a national capital drug producer operating with advanced technology, to export on the level that will decrease the current deficit, and to live this pride on behalf of our country and our country.
The use of clean room technology and hygienic areas were the most important necessities of the facility as a requirement of the pharmaceutical forms it produces. He has worked with many domestic and foreign contractors in his projects. Onko Koçsel is proud to represent the qualities of our country, rooted in the tradition of industry, which are fast growing and heavily involved with large global players.

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